Science Alert
  Guide to Authors
  Guide to Authors of each journal describes how to prepare contribution for submission in Science Alert Journals. We strongly recommend to the contributors to read Guide to Authors carefully before submission of their manuscripts. It is also recommended to check the latest hard copy of the journal for better understanding about the current style of publishing the manuscripts.

Submission of a manuscript, according to the Guide to Author will ensure that your submission will receive the attention it deserves, and also reduce the chances of delays due to improper submission.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript to your chosen Science Alert Journal, view Guide to Authors by clicking on the journal title from the list below:
American Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
American Journal of Drug Discovery and Development
American Journal of Food Technology
American Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization Technology
American Journal of Plant Physiology
Asian Journal of Agricultural Research
Asian Journal of Algebra
Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
Asian Journal of Animal Sciences
Asian Journal of Applied Sciences
Asian Journal of Biochemistry
Asian Journal of Biological Sciences
Asian Journal of Biotechnology
Asian Journal of Cell Biology
Asian Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Asian Journal of Crop Science
Asian Journal of Dermatology
Asian Journal of Developmental Biology
Asian Journal of Earth Sciences
Asian Journal of Epidemiology
Asian Journal of Industrial Engineering
Asian Journal of Information Management
Asian Journal of Marketing
Asian Journal of Materials Science
Asian Journal of Mathematics & Statistics
Asian Journal of Nematology
Asian Journal of Plant Pathology
Asian Journal of Plant Sciences
Asian Journal of Poultry Science
Asian Journal of Rural Development
Asian Journal of Scientific Research
Asian Journal of Textile
Australasian Journal of Computer Science
Australasian Journal of Social Science
Bacteriology Journal
Current Research in Bacteriology
Current Research in Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Current Research in Chemistry
Current Research in Dairy Sciences
Current Research in Neuroscience
Current Research in Physics
Current Research in Poultry Science
Current Research in Space Science
Current Research in Tuberculosis
European Journal of Dentistry and Medicine
Information Technology Journal
International Journal of Agricultural Research
International Journal of Biological Chemistry
International Journal of Botany
International Journal of Cancer Research
International Journal of Chemical Technology
International Journal of Dairy Science
International Journal of Manufacturing Systems
International Journal of Meat Science
International Journal of Oceanography and Marine Ecological System
International Journal of Osteoporosis and Metabolic Disorders
International Journal of Pharmacology
International Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics
International Journal of Plant Pathology
International Journal of Poultry Science
International Journal of Soil Science
International Journal of Thermal and Fluid Sciences
International Journal of Virology
International Journal of Zoological Research
Journal of Agronomy
Journal of Applied Sciences
Journal of Artificial Intelligence
Journal of Biological Sciences
Journal of Entomology
Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science
Journal of Food Resource Science
Journal of Medical Sciences
Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Journal of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences
Journal of Plant Sciences
Journal of Software Engineering
Kidney Research Journal
Microbiology Journal
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
Pakistan Journal of Nutrition
Plant Pathology Journal
Research Journal of Allergy
Research Journal of Botany
Research Journal of Business Management
Research Journal of Cardiology
Research Journal of Environmental Sciences
Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology
Research Journal of Forestry
Research Journal of Immunology
Research Journal of Information Technology
Research Journal of Medicinal Plants
Research Journal of Microbiology
Research Journal of Mutagenesis
Research Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Research Journal of Parasitology
Research Journal of Physics
Research Journal of Phytochemistry
Research Journal of Radiology
Research Journal of Seed Science
Research Journal of Soil Biology
Research Journal of Toxins
Research Journal of Veterinary Sciences
Science International
Singapore Journal of Chemical Biology
Singapore Journal of Scientific Research
Space Research Journal
The International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance
Trends in Agricultural Economics
Trends in Applied Sciences Research
Trends in Bioinformatics
Trends in Horticultural Research
Trends in Medical Research
Trends in Molecular Sciences