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Effect of Three Different Culture Media on Mycelial Growth of Oyster and Chinese Mushrooms

Ghazala Nasim, Shahid Hameed Malik , Rukhsana Bajwa , M. Afzal and Salman Wajid Mian
The sporocarps obtained from NARC, Islamabad and local market were utilized as a source of tissue culturing. Initial culturing was done on malt extract agar plates. The discs (0.5 cm in diameter) from actively growing culture plates of three different mushrooms were planted on the fresh media plates of Malt extract agar medium (MEA), Murashige and Skoog’s (MS) medium and potato dextrose agar (PDA) medium. Three replicates were taken in each case. An increase in diameter of the culture discs was recorded daily. The results indicted that the mycelial growth of Pleorotus ostreatus, varieties sajar, caju , citydeosus and Volvariella volvacea were maximum in medium plates containing MEA medium. The results were significant at P=0.05 level of significance. While potato dextrose agar medium (PDA), ended up with slowest growth.
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Ghazala Nasim, Shahid Hameed Malik , Rukhsana Bajwa , M. Afzal and Salman Wajid Mian , 2001. Effect of Three Different Culture Media on Mycelial Growth of Oyster and Chinese Mushrooms. Journal of Biological Sciences, 1: 1130-1133.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2001.1130.1133


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