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Mathiyalagan, G., S. Venkatesh, K. Ramkumar and R. Amirtharajan, 2014. Modeling and simulation of shunt active filter for non linear load. Res. J. Inform. Technol., 6: 216-222.
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R. Sriranjani, S. Jayalalitha 2014. LMS Algorithm Based Fundamental Current Detection for Shunt Hybrid Filter J. Applied Sci., 14: 1612-1617.
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Tiwle, R., Ajazuddin, T.K. Giri, D.K. Tripathi, V. Jain and A. Alexander, 2012. An Exhaustive Review on Solubility Enhancement for Hydrophobic Compounds by Possible Applications of Novel Techniques. Trends Appl. Sci. Res., 7: 596-619.
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