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An Alternative Multicollinearity Approach in Solving Multiple Regression Problem

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Abdullah, N. and H.J. Zainodin, 2014. A polynomial stem volume estimation on cinnamon wood for Cinnamomum extracts of aldehyde content. Sci. Int., 2: 44-50.
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Abdullah, N., H.J. Zainodin and A. Ahmed, 2012. Sustainable urban forest using multiple regression models. Res. J. Forest., 6: 1-15.
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Noraini, A., H.J. Zainodin and L.B. Rick, 2013. Risk factors determination on UGIB patients in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. J. Med. Sci., 13: 526-536.
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Taghizadeh, N., A. Neirameh and S. Shokooh, 2012. New application of direct algebraic method to eckhaus equation. Trends Appl. Sci. Res., 7: 476-482.
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Yahaya, A.H., N. Abdullah and H.J. Zainodin, 2012. Multiple regression models up to first-order interaction on hydrochemistry properties. Asian J. Math. Stat., 5: 121-131.
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Zainodin, H.J., N. Abdullah and G. Khuneswari, 2014. Consumer behavioural buying patterns on the demand for detergents using hierarchically multiple polynomial regression model. Sci. Int., 2: 64-71.
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Zainodin, H.J., N. Abdullah and S.J. Yap, 2014. Number of parameters counting in a hierarchically multiple regression model. Sci. Int., 2: 37-43.
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