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Sivaraman, D., P. Muralidharan and P. Panneerselvam, 2012. Ameliorating effect of ethanol leaf extract of Ficus hispida Linn. on Amyloid beta Aβ (25-35) induced cognitive deficits and oxidative stress in Alzheimer's mice. Int. J. Pharmacol., 8: 212-223.
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Vinoth, S., P.R. Kanna, P. Gurusaravanan, N. Jayabalan, 2011. Evaluation of phytochemical, antimicrobial and GC-MS analysis of extracts of Indigofera trita L.F. SPP. subulata (vahl ex poir). Int. J. Agric. Res., 6: 358-367.
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Evaluation of Phytochemical, Antimicrobial and GC-MS analysis of extracts of Indigofera trita L.F. SPP. subulata (vahl ex poir)
International Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 6, Issue 4, 358, 2011

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