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Audrey Chingzu Chang, Gerald L. Riskowski, Yung Chung Chang, Wai Kun Chan 2016. Contents of Important Phenolic Compounds in Indigowoad (Isatis indigotica Fort.) and Plains Wild Indigo (Baptisia bracteata) Roots Res. J. Med. Plants, 10: 167-174.
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Chiao Ying Huang, Jennifer Yihsin Chang, Gerald L. Riskowski, Wai Kun Chan, Jinn Tsyy Lai, Audrey Chingzu Chang 2016. Antimicrobial Activity of Indigowoad (Isatis indigotica Fort) and Plains Wild Indigo (Baptisia bracteata) Roots Res. J. Med. Plants, 10: 237-245.
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Dasgupta, N., P. Nandy, C. Sengupta and S. Das, 2012. Salinity impact on the precarious mangroves: A biochemical study on some taxa from Indian sundarbans. Am. J. Plant Physiol., 7: 53-69.
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