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Egbuonu, A.C.C., 2015. Comparative assessment of some mineral, amino acid and vitamin compositions of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) rind and seed. Asian J. Biochem., 10: 230-236.
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Egbuonu, A.C.C., C.I. Opara, D. Akachukwu and U.B. Onyedikachi, 2018. Effect of ethanolic extract of avocado pear (Persea americana) seed on normal and monosodium glutamate-compromised rats' hepatic histo-morphology and serum bio-functional parameters. Res. J. Environ. Sci., 12: 53-62.
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Egbuonu, A.C.C., E.E. Ubah and I.J Obidike, 2020. Physicochemical composition and antioxidant role of Chrysophyllum albidum seed endosperm in monosodium glutamate-intoxicated rats. Asian J. Emerging Res., 2: 212-222.
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