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Chala, A., T. Alemu, L.K. Prom and A.M. Tronsmo, 2010. Effect of host genotypes and weather variables on the severity and temporal dynamics of sorghum anthracnose in Ethiopia. Plant Pathol. J., 9: 39-46.
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Erpelding, J.E. and L.K. Prom, 2006. Variation for anthracnose resistance within the sorghum germplasm collection from Mozambique, Africa. Plant Pathol. J., 5: 28-34.
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Erpelding, J.E. and M.L. Wang, 2007. Response to anthracnose infection for a random selection of sorghum germplasm. Plant Pathol. J., 6: 127-133.
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Erpelding, J.E., 2007. Inheritance of anthracnose resistance for the sorghum cultivar redlan. Plant Pathol. J., 6: 187-190.
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Prom, L.K., H. Cuevas, R. Perumal, T. Isakeit and C. Magill, 2018. Inheritance of resistance of three sorghum lines to pathotypes of Colletotrichum sublineola, causal agent of anthracnose. Plant Pathol. J., 17: 75-79.
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