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Antioxidant system efficiently protects goldfish gills from Ni2+-induced oxidative stress
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Global risk of pharmaceutical contamination from highly populated developing countries

Bioleaching characteristics, influencing factors of Cu solubilization and survival of Herbaspirillum sp. GW103 in Cu contaminated mine soil

Susceptibility of Ceraeochrysa cubana larvae and adults to six insect growth-regulator insecticides

Environmental assessment of the effects of a municipal landfill on the content and distribution of heavy metals in Tanacetum vulgare L.

Thiamethoxam and picoxystrobin reduce the survival and overload the hepato-nephrocitic system of the Africanized honeybee

Complexation of Eu(III), Pb(II), and U(VI) with a Paramecium glycoprotein: Microbial transformation of heavy elements in the aquatic environment

Genotoxicity induced by hexavalent chromium leading to eryptosis in Ctenopharyngodon idellus

Pb tolerance and accumulation capabilities of Bidens pilosa L. growing in polluted soils depend on the history of exposure

Process intensification in gas-liquid mass transfer by nanofluids: Mechanism and current status
Journal of Molecular Liquids

The phase separation, interaction forces and thermodynamics of sodium alginate and TX-100 mixture in the manifestation of alcohols: UV-visible and cloud point measurement studies
Journal of Molecular Liquids

Biogenic synthesis, characterization and investigation of photocatalytic and antimicrobial activity of manganese nanoparticles synthesized from Cinnamomum verum bark extract
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Novel hypervalent iodine catalyzed synthesis of α-sulfonoxy ketones: Biological activity and molecular docking studies
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Comparison of physico-chemical parameters with macroinvertebrate and vertebrate fauna of Lake Ogelube and Lake Ojii, Opi-Agu, south-eastern Nigeria
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Conjugates of 3-phenyllactic acid and tryptophan enhance root-promoting activity without adverse effects in <i>Vigna angularis</i>
Plant Biotechnology Vol. 39, Issue 2, 173, 2022

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Revisiting the issue of access to medicines in Africa: Challenges and recommendations
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An integrated geomechanical model for a heterogeneous carbonate reservoir in SW Iran, using geomechanical unit concept
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment Vol. 81, Issue 7, , 2022

Pehuén (Araucaria araucana) seed residues are a valuable source of natural antioxidants with nutraceutical, chemoprotective and metal corrosion-inhibiting properties
Bioorganic Chemistry

An overview of triazoloquinazolines: Pharmacological significance and recent developments
Bioorganic Chemistry

Genus Thermotoga: A valuable home of multifunctional glycoside hydrolases (GHs) for industrial sustainability
Bioorganic Chemistry

Effects of dietary inclusion of cassava starch-extraction-residue meal on egg production, egg quality, oxidative status, and yolk fatty acid profile in laying ducks
Poultry Science

Regeneration and Restoration Status of Miombo Woodland Following Land Use Land Cover Changes at the Buffer Zone of Gile National Park's Central Mozambique
Trees, Forests and People

Chemical Characterization of Schefflera actinophylla (Endl.) Harms Essential Oil: Antifungal and Antimycotoxin Activities for Safe Storage of Food Grains
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In Vitro Activity of Lawsonia inermis (Henna) on Some Pathogenic Fungi
Journal of Mycology

Conifers Phytochemicals: A Valuable Forest with Therapeutic Potential
Molecules Vol. 26, Issue 10, 3005, 2021

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