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Artanti, N., S. Tachibana, L.B.S. Kardono and H. Sukiman, 2011. Screening of endophytic fungi having ability for antioxidative and α-glucosidase inhibitor activities Isolated from Taxus sumatrana. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 14: 1019-1023.
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Elya, B., R. Handayani, R. Sauriasari, Azizahwati , U.S. Hasyyati, I.T. Permana and Y.I. Permatasari, 2015. Antidiabetic activity and phytochemical screening of extracts from indonesian plants by inhibition of alpha amylase, alpha glucosidase and dipeptidyl peptidase IV. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 18: 279-284.
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