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Arzoo, K., S.K. Biswas and M. Rajik, 2012. Biochemical evidences of defence response in tomato against Fusarium wilt induced by plant extracts. Plant Pathol. J., 11: 42-50.
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Derbalah, A.S., M.S. El-Mahrouk and A.B. El-Sayed, 2011. Efficacy and safety of some plant extracts against tomato early blight disease caused by Alternaria solani. Plant Pathol. J., 10: 115-121.
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Janu, V. and R.K. Raghuvanshi, 2011. Microscopic studies on epidermal cells and stomatal behavior of some globular cacti (Mammillaria spp.). Insight Bot., 1: 1-4.
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