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Dey, A. and J.N. De, 2011. Aristolochia indica L.: A review. Asian J. Plant Sci., 10: 108-116.
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Ishtiaq, M., W. Hanif, M.A. Khan, M. Ashraf and A.M. Butt, 2007. An ethnomedicinal survey and documentation of important medicinal folklore food phytonims of flora of Samahni valley (Azad Kashmir) Pakistan. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 10: 2241-2256.
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Malik, A.R., M.A.A. Siddique, P.A. Sofi and J.S. Butola, 2011. Ethnomedicinal practices and conservation status of medicinal plants of North Kashmir Himalayas. Res. J. Med. Plant, 5: 515-530.
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Mishra, D., R.K. Singh and R.K. Srivastava, 2012. Ethno-medicinal plants used to cure different diseases by rural folks and tribes of north eastern tarai districts of uttar Pradesh, India. Res. J. Med. Plant, 6 : 286-299.
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