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Organic Acids Production and Phosphate Solubilization by Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms (PSM) Under in vitro Conditions

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Goteti, P.K., S. Desai, L.D.A. Emmanuel, M. Taduri and U. Sultana, 2014. Phosphate solubilization potential of Fluorescent Pseudomonas spp. isolated from diverse agro-ecosystems of India. Int. J. Soil Sci., 9: 101-110.
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Saber, W.I.A., K.M. Ghanem and M.S. El-Hersh, 2009. Rock phosphate solubilization by two isolates of Aspergillus niger and Penicillium sp. and their promotion to mung bean plants. Res. J. Microbiol., 4: 235-250.
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Saber, W.I.A., N.E.A. El-Naggar and S.A. AbdAl-Aziz, 2010. Bioconversion of lignocellulosic wastes into organic acids by cellulolytic rock phosphate-solubilizing fungal isolates grown under solid-state fermentation conditions. Res. J. Microbiol., 5: 1-20.
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Vikram, A. and H. Hamzehzarghani, 2008. Effect of phosphate solubilizing bacteria on nodulation and growth parameters of greengram (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek). Res. J. Microbiol., 3: 62-72.
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Yasmin, H. and A. Bano, 2011. Isolation and characterization of phyosphate solubilizaing bacteria from rhizosphere soil of weeds of khewra salt range and attock. Pak. J. Bot., 43: 1663-1668.
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Yingben, W., H. Yuelin, Y. Hongmei, C. Wei, W. Zhen, X. Lijuan and Z. Aiqun, 2013. Isolation of phosphate-solubilizing fungus and its application in solubilization of rock phosphates. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 15: 1144-1151.
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Zhang, H.,X. Wu, G. Li and P. Qin, 2011. Interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and phosphate-solubilizing fungus (Mortierella sp.) and their effects on Kostelelzkya virginica growth and enzyme activities of rhizosphere and bulk soils at different salinities. Biol. Fertil. Soils, 47: 543-554.
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