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Adam, S.I.Y. and S.E.I. Adam, 2012. Comparative toxicity of Trichodesma africanum and Rhanterium epapposum aerial parts aqueous and methanolic extracts on wistar rats. J. Pharmacol. Toxicol., 7: 128-139.
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Ajibade, A.J., P.B. Fakunle, M.O. Adewusi and O.O. Oyewo, 2012. Some morphological findings on the heart of adult wistar rats following experimental artesunate administration. Curr. Res. Cardiovas. Pharmacol., 1: 1-9.
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Dhasaratha, P., M. Thenmozhi, S. Sinthiya and M. Premalatha, 2020. Effect of probiotics on digestive enzymes and immuno-stimulation in animal model (broilers). Singapore J. Sci. Res., 10: 266-273.
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