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Citations for "Serological Detection of Dioscorea alata potyvirus on White Yams (Dioscorea rotundata) in Ghana"

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A novel framework for single-minute exchange of die (SMED) assisted by lean tools
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Vol. 119, Issue 9-10, 6469, 2022

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Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants Vol. 28, Issue 2, 517, 2022

Recent insights on gene expression studies on Hevea Brasiliensis fatal leaf fall diseases
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants Vol. 28, Issue 2, 471, 2022

How do plants defend themselves against pathogens-Biochemical mechanisms and genetic interventions
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants Vol. 28, Issue 2, 485, 2022

Supplementing aquaponics with black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae frass tea: Effects on the production and composition of sweetpotato slip and sweet banana peppers

An overview on microalgal-bacterial granular consortia for resource recovery and wastewater treatment
Bioresource Technology

The influence of immersion order of low concentration ammonium polyphosphate on the interphase, mechanical and combustion properties of Moso bamboo scrimber
Industrial Crops and Products

Fungal pretreatments of Napier grass and sugarcane leaves for high recovery of lignocellulosic enzymes and methane production
Industrial Crops and Products

M-brigde- and elicitor-assisted enhanced post-storage germination of Rauvolfia serpentina synthetic seeds, their genetic fidelity assessment and reserpine estimation
Industrial Crops and Products

Adventitious root culture of Plantago ovata Forssk. as a source of phenylethanoid glycosides
Industrial Crops and Products

Insight into the mechanism of indium toxicity in rice
Journal of Hazardous Materials

Survey of the incidence and distribution of viruses infecting yam (Dioscorea spp.) in Ghana and Togo
Annals of Applied Biology Vol. 156, Issue 2, 243, 2010

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A Review of Viruses Infecting Yam (Dioscorea spp.)
Viruses Vol. 14, Issue 4, 662, 2022

Updates on the Epidemiology of the Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type 1 Infection in the Countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization with Special Emphasis on the Situation in Iran
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High-efficiency <i>Agrobacterium</i>-mediated transformation of chrysanthemum via vacuum infiltration of internode
Ornamental Plant Research Vol. 2, Issue 1, 1, 2022

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