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Evaluation of the Antiplasmodial Effect of Retinol on Plasmodium berghei berghei Infection in Mice

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Iribhogbe, O.I., E.O. Agbaje, I.A. Oreagba, O.O. Ain and A.D. Ota, 2013. Nutritional modulation of hematological indices in malaria: in vivo study in Plasmodium berghei infected mice. J. Med. Sci., 13: 28-35.
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Iribhogbe, O.I., E.O. Agbaje, I.A. Oreagba, O.O. Aina and A.D. Ota, 2012. Oxidant versus antioxidant activity in malaria: Role of nutritional therapy. J. Med. Sci., 12: 229-233.
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O.I. Iribhogbe, E.O. Agbaje, I.A. Oreagba, O.O. Aina, A.D. Ota 2013. Oxidative Stress and Micronutrient Therapy in Malaria: An In vivo Study in Plasmodium berghei Infected Mice Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 16: 160-167.
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Olayemi, S.O., A.P. Arikawe, A. Akinyede, A.I. Oreagba and O. Awodele, 2012. Effect of malarial treatments on biochemical parameters and plasma pH of mice infected with Plasmodium berghei. Int. J. Pharmacol., 8: 549-554.
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Oreagba, A.I. and R.B. Ashorobi, 2007. Interactions between retinol and some established antimalarials in Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis infection in mice. Int. J. Pharmacol., 3: 270-274.
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Oreagba, A.I., O.O. Aina, O. Awodele, S.O. Olayemi, A.F.B. Mabadeje and R.B. Ashorobi, 2008. Prophylactic effect of grapefruit juice against Plasmodium berghei berghei infection in mice. Int. J. Pharmacol., 4: 60-63.
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