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Ghosh, B. and R.R. Ray, 2011. Current commercial perspective of Rhizopus oryzae: A review. J. Applied Sci., 11: 2470-2486.
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Perveen, R., W. Irfan, N. Iftikhar Imam and S. Shahid Shaukat, 2003. Uptake and translocation of radioactive phosphorous in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 6: 1966-1970.
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Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases
Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases

Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases
Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases

Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases
Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases

Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases
Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases

Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases
Current Status and Future Scope of Microbial Cellulases

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