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Abdi, H., A. Christianus, E. Ramezani-Fard, C.R. Saad and S.A. Hosseini, 2011. Proximate and fatty acid composition of the liver of cultured Asian redtail Catfish (Hemibagrus nemurus) and African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus). J. Fish. Aquatic Sci., 6: 840-845.
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Aryani, N., A. Mardiah, Azrita and H. Syandri, 2017. Influence of different stocking densities on growth, feed efficiency and carcass composition of Bonylip Barb (Osteochilus vittatus Cyprinidae) fingerlings. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 20: 489-497.
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Mukai, Y., L.S. Lim and S. Saad, 2012. Retinomotor response in larvae of brown-marbled grouper, Epinephelus fuscoguttatus. J. Fish. Aquatic Sci., 7: 233-239.
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Nabulime, M., J. Rutaisire, J. Ssekaayi, D. Smith and J.D. Kabasa, 2015. Development of fry diets for african catfish (C. gariepinus) larvae in Uganda. J. Fish. Aquatic Sci., 10: 45-53.
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Syandri, H., Azrita and A. Mardiah, 2018. Nitrogen and phosphorus waste production from different fish species cultured at floating net cages in lake Maninjau, Indonesia. Asian J. Scient. Res., 11: 287-294.
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Zalina, I., C.R. Saad, A.A. Rahim, A. Christianus and S.A. Harmin, 2011. Breeding performance and the effect of stocking density on the growth and survival of climbing perch, Anabas testudineus. J. Fish. Aquatic Sci., 6: 834-839.
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