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Citations for "The Effects of Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes [Mart.] Solms) Infestation on the Physico-Chemistry, Nutrient and Heavy Metal Content of Badagry Creek and Ologe Lagoon, Lagos, Nigeria"

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Kumolu-Johnson, C.A. and P.E. Ndimele, 2012. Some aspects of the limnology and heavy metal content of water, sediment and Oreochromis niloticus (linnaeus, 1758) from ologe lagoon, Lagos, Nigeria. Res. J. Environ. Toxicol., 6: 210-221.
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Ndimele, P.E. and C.A. Kumolu-Johnson, 2012. Some aspects of the physicochemistry and heavy metal content of water, sediment and Cynothrissa mento (regan, 1917) from badagry creek, lagos, Nigeria. Trends Appl. Sci. Res., 7: 724-736.
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Owodeinde, F.G., 2012. Optimum growth determination of Heterobranchus bidorsalis in earthen ponds. J. Biol. Sci., 12: 168-173.
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Rai, S., A.M. Shahabuddin, Y. Yi, A.N. Bart and J.S. Diana, 2012. Effect of various loading rates of rice straw on physical, chemical and biological parameters of water. J. Fish. Aquatic Sci., 7: 364-378.
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