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Avinash Marwal, Rajneesh Prajapat, Anurag Kumar Sahu, R.K. Gaur 2012. Current Status of Geminivirus in India: RNAi Technology, A Challenging Cure Asian J. Biol. Sci., 5: 273-293.
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Prajapat, R., A. Marwal, A. Sahu and R.K. Gaur, 2011. Phylogenetics and in silico docking studies between coat protein of Mimosa yellow vein virus and Whey α-lactalbumin. Am. J. Biochem. Mol. Biol., 1: 265-274.
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Prajapat, R., A. Marwal, V. Bajpai and R.K. Gaur, 2011. Genomics and proteomics characterization of alphasatellite in weed associated with begomovirus. Int. J. Plant Pathol., 2: 1-14.
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Prajapat, R., A. Marwal, Z. Shaikh and R.K. Gaur, 2012. Geminivirus Database (GVDB): First database of family geminiviridae and its genera Begomovirus. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 15: 702-706.
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Prajapat, R., R.K. Gaur and A. Marwal, 2011. Homology modeling and docking studies between AC1 rep protein of Begomovirus and whey α-lactalbumin. Asian J. Biol. Sci., 4: 352-361.
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Vanajothi, R., S. Rajamanikandan, A. Sudha and P. Srinivasan, 2012. Structural and functional analysis of KIT gene encoding receptor tyrosine kinase and its interaction with sunitinib and HDAC inhibitors: An in silico approach. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 15: 121-131.
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Developing A Programmable, Self-Assembling Squash Leaf Curl China Virus (SLCCNV) Capsid Proteins Into "Nanocargo"-Like Architecture
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International Journal of Plant Pathology Vol. 2, Issue 1, 1, 2011

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