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Singh, B., M. Jain, S.V. Singh, K. Dhama, G.K. Aseri, N. Jain and M. Datta et al., 2015. Plants as future source of anti-mycobacterial molecules and armour for fighting drug resistance. Asian J. Anim. Vet. Adv., 10: 443-460.
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Tiwari,R., K. Kumaragurubaran, R. Rajneesh, S.M. Yashpal, D. Kuldeep and K.J. Sunil, 2016. Quorum Sensing Inhibitors/antagonists Countering Food Spoilage Bacteria-need Molecular and Pharmaceutical Intervention for Protecting Current Issues of Food Safety Int. J. Pharmacol., 12: 262-271.
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