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Gholampour, F. and S.M. Owji, 2013. Liver ameliorative effects of the hydroalcohol extract of Rosa canina L. fruit against ischemic acute renal failure-induced hepatic damage in Wistar rats. Int. J. Zool. Res., 9: 58-65.
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Gholampour, F., S.M.F. Moghadam and S.M. Owji, 2015. Berberine improves kidney injury following renal ischemia reperfusion in rats. Int. J. Zool. Res., 11: 9-18.
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Obidike, I.C., M.S. Idris-Usman, L.B. John-Africa and O.A. Salawu, 2011. An evaluation of acute and sub chronic toxicological effects of Hymenocardia acida leaf extract in adult wistar rats J. Pharmacol. Toxicol., 6: 400-408.
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Oxidative stress in the brain caused by acute kidney injury
Metabolic Brain Disease

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