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Citations for "Solubility and Stability Enhancement of Poorly-Soluble Drugs Clarithromycin and Prednisolone by Combination with Other Drugs"

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Agrawal, S., T.K. Giri, D.K. Tripathi, Ajazuddin and A. Alexander, 2012. A review on novel therapeutic strategies for the enhancement of solubility for hydrophobic drugs through lipid and surfactant based self micro emulsifying drug delivery system: A novel approach. Am. J. Drug Dis. Dev., 2: 143-183.
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Badawi, A.A., M.A. El-Nabarawi, D.A. El-Setouhy and S.A. Alsammit, 2011. Characterization and stability testing of itraconazole solid dispersions containing crystallization inhibitors. Am. J. Drug Discovery Dev., 1: 144-159.
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Bhoyar, N., T.K. Giri, D.K. Tripathi, A. Alexander and Ajazuddin, 2012. Recent Advances in Novel Drug Delivery System Through Gels: Review. J. Pharm. Allied Health Sci., 2: 21-39.
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Tiwle, R., Ajazuddin, T.K. Giri, D.K. Tripathi, V. Jain and A. Alexander, 2012. An Exhaustive Review on Solubility Enhancement for Hydrophobic Compounds by Possible Applications of Novel Techniques. Trends Appl. Sci. Res., 7: 596-619.
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American Journal of Drug Discovery and Development Vol. 1, Issue 3, 144, 2011

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