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Ibrahim, M.A., N. Saleh, E. Archoukieh, H.W. Al-Obaide, M.M. Al-Obaidi and H.M. Said, 2010. Detection of novel genomic polymorphism in acute lymphoblastic leukemia by random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis. Int. J. Cancer Res., 6: 19-26.
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Owais, S.J., 2010. Rooting response of five pomegranate varieties to indole butyric acid concentration and cuttings age. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 13: 51-58.
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Saleh, N., M.A. Ibrahim, E. Archoukieh, A. Makkiya, M. Al-Obaidi and H. Alobydi, 2010. Identification of genomic markers by RAPD-PCR primer in leukemia patients. Biotechnology, 9: 170-175.
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