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Gomez, L., S. Padilla, A. Fuentes, Y. Ruiz and T. Gonzalez et al., 2013. Assessment of two transgenic tobacco plant varieties for the hbsag-specific plantibody production. J. Agron., 12: 11-19.
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Karthikeyan, A., M. Sudha, M. Pandiyan, N. Senthil, V.G. Shobana and P. Nagarajan, 2011. Screening of MYMV resistant mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) wilczek) progenies through Agroinoculation. Int. J. Plant Pathol., 2: 115-125.
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Karthikeyan, A., R. Valarmathi, S. Nandini and M.R. Nandhakumar, 2012. Genetically modified crops: Insect resistance. Biotechnology, 11 : 119-126.
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Mendoza, O., R. Valdes, S. Padilla, Y. Issac and D. Gavilan et al., 2011. Assessment of a N. tabacum l., variety using natural zeolite as substrate and confined conditions for consistent biomass, protein and plantibody production. J. Agron., 10: 74-83.
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Moran, I., P. Tellez, J. Aguiar, D. Hernandez and L. Rodriguez et al., 2014. Maize genetic transformation procedure improvement using Agrobacterium tumefaciens and FR-28 cuban synthetic corn variety as model. J. Agron., 13: 169-178.
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