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Amin Mohammad Zahedi, Ismaeil Fazeli, Mohsen Zavareh, Hamidreza Dorry, Nahid Gerayeli 2012. Evaluation of the Sensitive Components in Seedling Growth of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Affected by Salinity Asian J. Crop Sci., 4: 159-164.
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Nivas, D., D.K. Gaikwad and P.D. Chavan, 2011. Physiological responses of two Morinda species under saline conditions. Am. J. Plant Physiol., 6: 157-166.
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Yasseen, B.T., 2011. Urban development threatening wild plants in Doha city-Qatar: Ecophysiology is a prerequisite for ecological restoration. J. Plant Sci., 6: 113-123.
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