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Citations for "GGE Biplot Analysis for Combining Ability of Grain Yield and Early Maturity in Maize Mutant in Indonesia"

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Marta, H., E. Suryadi and D. Ruswandi, 2017. Chemical composition and genetics of indonesian maize hybrids. Am. J. Food Technol., 12: 116-123.
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Ruswandi, D., B. Waluyo, A.T. Makkulawu, E. Azizah, Y. Yuwariah and N. Rostini, 2017. Simple sequence repeats analysis of new Indonesian maize inbred. Asian J. Crop Sci., 9: 141-148.
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Ruswandi, D., J. Supriatna, N. Rostini and E. Suryadi, 2016. Assessment of sweetcorn hybrids under sweetcorn/chilli pepper intercropping in West Java, Indonesia. J. Agron., 15: 94-103.
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Syafii, M., I. Cartika and D. Ruswandi, 2015. Multivariate analysis of genetic diversity among some maize genotypes under maize-albizia cropping system in Indonesia. Asian J. Crop Sci., 7: 244-255.
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Yuwariah, Y., J. Supriatna, A. Nuraini, N.P. Indriani, A.T. Makkulawu and D. Ruswandi, 2018. Screening of maize hybrids under maize/soybean intercropping based on their combining abilities and multiple cropping components. Asian J. Crop Sci., 10: 93-99.
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Yuwariah, Y., N.P. Indriani, M. Ariyanti, E. Azizah and D. Ruswandi, 2020. Genotype×environment interaction of maize hybrids under intercropping with sweet potato in Indonesia. J. Agron., 19: 31-39.
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