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Adikwu, E., B. Bokolo and O.B. Odeghe, 2020. Ethanolic leaf extract of Ocimum gratissimum abrogates methotrexate-induced liver injury in albino rats. Asian J. Biol. Sci., 13: 201-209.
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Adinarayana, K., K.N. Jayaveera, P.M. Rao, C.M. Chetty, D.K. Sandeep, C. Swetha and T.S.M. Saleem, 2011. Acute toxicity and hepatoprotective effect of methanolic extract of Tephrosia calophylla. Res. J. Med. Plant, 5: 266-273.
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Kandavelu, S. and A.J. Vanisree, 2011. A study on the biochemical and cytogenetic status in the blood of glioma patients. Pak. J. Biol. Sci., 14: 511-518.
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Nwaehujor, C.O., O.J. Ode and D.N. Okoye, 2011. The hepatoprotective effect of Senna occidentalis methanol leaf extract against acetaminophen-induced hepatic damage in rats. J. Pharmacol. Toxicol., 6: 637-646.
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Sonkusale, P., A.G. Bhandarker, N.V. Kurkare, K. Ravikanth, S. Maini and D. Sood, 2011. Hepatoprotective activity of superliv liquid and repchol in CCl4 induced FLKS syndrome in broilers. Int. J. Poult. Sci., 10: 49-55.
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Subash, K.R., K.S. Ramesh, B.V. Charian, F. Britto, N.J. Rao and S. Vijaykumar, 2011. Study of hepatoprotective activity of Solanum nigrum and Cichorium intybus. Int. J. Pharmacol., 7: 504-509.
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Tsunekawa, K., J. An, L. Huang, T. Nonami and T. Koide et al., 2012. Effects of 1-o-hexyl-2, 3, 5-trimethylhydroquinone in carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic apoptosis with a possible relationship to naofen. Int. J. Pharmacol., 8: 434-439.
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Uhegbu, F.O., I. Elekwa, E.I. Akubugwo, G.C. Chinyere and E.E.J. Iweala, 2012. Analgesic and hepatoprotective activity of methanolic leaf extract of Ocimum gratissimum (L.). Res. J. Med. Plant, 6: 108-115.
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