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El Tawab, A.M.A., M.S.A. Khattab, H.M. El-Zaiat, O.H. Matloup and A.A. Hassan et al., 2016. Effect of cellulase and tannase enzymes supplemention on the productive performance of lactating buffaloes fed diets contain date palm fronds. Asian J. Anim. Sci., 10: 307-312.
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Khattab, M.S.A., E.A. El-Bltagy, A.M. Abd El Tawab, O.H. Matloup, T.A. Morsy, H.H. Azzaz and M.M. Abdou, 2019. Productive performance of lactating buffaloes fed ration containing date seed and fibrolytic enzymes. J. Applied Sci., 19: 241-246.
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Khattab, M.S.A., H.H. Azzaz, A.M. Abd El Tawab and H.A. Murad, 2019. Production optimization of fungal cellulase and its impact on ruminal degradability and fermentation of diet. Int. J. Dairy Sci., 14: 61-68.
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