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Effect of Family Empowerment Modified Model to a Family’s Ability in Controlling Life Style and Physical Activity of Children with Overweight and Obesity

Kadek Ayu Erika, Elly Nurachmah, Yeni Rustina, Suryani As`ad and Werna Nontji
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Overeating and physical inactivity has led to an increase in the prevalence of overweight and obese children in developing countries which lead to Non Communicable Disease (NCD). Family’s role is important in controlling children lifestyle by developing and implementing a Family Empowerment Modified Model (FEMM) through the health promotion and family maintenance. This study aims to determine differences in the family’s ability controlling the lifestyle and physical activity of obesity and overweight children at pre-post intervention of FEMM. The design was Quasy Experiment with pre-post test of control group design by using family’s ability questionnaire, WHO’s AntrhoPlus software, 2007 and Physical Activity Questionnaire for Older Children (PAQ-C) through home visits for 6 months to intervention and control group. Mann Whitney test result showed a difference of family’s ability in pre-post test between intervention and control group, while Independent t-tests showed a difference of children’s physical activity in pre-post test. This study has successfully formulated FEMM proving an increase of family’s ability in controlling the lifestyle of children and bringing positive changes in family’s ability and children’s physical activity after intervention.

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Kadek Ayu Erika, Elly Nurachmah, Yeni Rustina, Suryani As`ad and Werna Nontji, 2016. Effect of Family Empowerment Modified Model to a Family’s Ability in Controlling Life Style and Physical Activity of Children with Overweight and Obesity. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 15: 737-744.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2016.737.744



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