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Productivity and Meat Quality of Local Cattle Fed Soybean By-Products

A.M. Fuah, R. Priyanto, S. Suharti, K.G. Wiryawan and M. Ismail
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The main problems behind low productivity of beef cattle raised by farmers in the villages are the less sufficiency of feed resources and low quality of feed available for the animals, especially the deficiency of protein/nitrogen and low feed intake. This study was aimed to improve the productivity of local cattle in Indonesia through the utilization of soybean meal and its wastes as the main protein source. Twelve heads of Madura cattle with an average initial live weight of 175.64±16.4 kg and ages between I1-I2 (18-30 months) were used in the study. The cattle were allotted into four feeding treatments i.e., T0 as control (100% native grass); T1 (40% roughage 60% concentrate); T2 (complete feed with 15% soybean pods) and T3 (complete feed with 30% soybean pods, for three months. The observed parameters included cattle performance (final weight, average daily gain, feed consumption and feed conversion), carcass quality (backfat thickness, loin eye area and meat color) and physical quality of meat (pH, water holding capacity, cooking loss and meat tenderness). The results showed that cattle fed soybean wastes (T1, T2 and T3) were higher in all variables of cattle performance and backfat thickness compared to those fed control feed. Utilization of feed combined with soybean waste could improve cattle performance with relatively better meat quality than those given grass only.

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A.M. Fuah, R. Priyanto, S. Suharti, K.G. Wiryawan and M. Ismail, 2016. Productivity and Meat Quality of Local Cattle Fed Soybean By-Products. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 15: 364-369.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2016.364.369


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