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Research Article

Method of Sampling Beef Cattle Hair for Assessment of Elemental Profile

Sergey Miroshnikov, Anatoly Kharlamov, Oleg Zavyalov, Alexey Frolov, Irina Bolodurina, Olga Arapova and Galimzhan Duskaev
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The development of research methods of sampling of beef cattle hair are given in the article. Data on filthiness, growth and elemental composition of different components of hair were taken into account. Hair from mature beef cattle (Bos Taurus) was used. Animals were of Hereford and Angus breeds. Hair sampling of one and the same animals was performed in winter and summer period. Hair for study was cut from six areas: back of head, the first tail vertebra, projection of the 12th rib median line, dewlap, withers, switch. Elemental composition of hair and its components was tested by 25 chemical elements. It was observed that guard hair from withers is the fastest growing (0.38±0.033 mm/d). Hair from withers (8.14±1.02% in winter period and 4.80±0.83 in summer period) and dewlap were with less dirt. No correlation between area of samples and its elemental composition was observed. Down hair contained more cobalt, manganese and nickel compared to guard hair of the animals. It was found that average sample of hair from withers is more preferable for research of elemental composition. It is recommended to use the developed method in science and agricultural industry for assessment of elemental composition of beef cattle hair.

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Sergey Miroshnikov, Anatoly Kharlamov, Oleg Zavyalov, Alexey Frolov, Irina Bolodurina, Olga Arapova and Galimzhan Duskaev, 2015. Method of Sampling Beef Cattle Hair for Assessment of Elemental Profile. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 14: 632-636.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2015.632.636


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