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Addition of Cashew (Annacardium occidentale) Apple Powder into Diet Can Increase Body Weight and Intestinal Relative Weight in Broiler

Wayan Nesa Lalan Tanod, Retno Murwani, Siti Susanti and Endang Kusumanti
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Natural feed additives are continuously being sought to improve broiler performance. The aim of this research was to study the effect of cashew apple powder (A. occidentale powder) addition into broiler diet on body weight, relative weight of heart, liver, intestine and abdominal fat. One hundred and forty Day Old Chicks (DOCs) were randomly allocated and assigned into 4 treatment groups i.e., (1) Tc (commercial diet only), (2) T0.25% (commercial diet + 0.25% A. occidentale powder), (3) T0.5% (Commercial diet + 0.50% A.occidentale powder) and (4) T1.0% (Commercial diet+1.00% A. occidentale powder). The feed additives were given from day 5 to day 14. Each group consisted of 7 replicates with 5 bird in each replicate. Body weight was recorded weekly up to the 5th week. On day 35 one of each replicate from each group was sampled, sacrificed and organ weights were recorded. The results showed that A.occidentale powder increased significantly the body weight and relative intestinal weight (p<0.05). The highest body weight and relative intestinal weight were achieved by 0.50% addition A. occidentale powder. Therefore it is potential to be used as feed additive to improve broiler performance.

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Wayan Nesa Lalan Tanod, Retno Murwani, Siti Susanti and Endang Kusumanti, 2015. Addition of Cashew (Annacardium occidentale) Apple Powder into Diet Can Increase Body Weight and Intestinal Relative Weight in Broiler. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 14: 629-631.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2015.629.631


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