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Association Between Nutrition Knowledge and Nutritional Status with Blood Glucose Status in Rural Areas

Andi Eka Yunianto, Ali Khomsan, Cesilia Meti Dwiriani and Naufal Muharam Nurdin
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The objectives of this study were to: analyze the association between nutrition knowledge and nutritional status with blood glucose status in rural areas. The design of this study was cross-sectional and this study was conducted on 84 people aged 45-59 years from 42 households in Cisalak Village, Cibeber Sub-district, Cianjur District. The result showed that there was no significant difference in the blood glucose status between rural men and women. All participants had low nutrition knowledge. The nutritional status were normal in men and women. Waist circumference (OR = 3.280; 95% CI: 1.093-9.843) and visceral fat (OR = 2.882; 95% CI: 0.983-8.455) were significantly related to blood glucose status. This implied that nutrition education on the importance of maintaining a normal weight needed to be done to avoid the risks and complications due to high blood sugar status. Socialization to general public was also needed, particularly about the importance of maintaining body weight by adopting healthy lifestyle such as not smoking, regular exercise and lessening the consumption of sweet food or sugar-sweetened beverages, in order to maintain blood glucose status.

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Andi Eka Yunianto, Ali Khomsan, Cesilia Meti Dwiriani and Naufal Muharam Nurdin, 2015. Association Between Nutrition Knowledge and Nutritional Status with Blood Glucose Status in Rural Areas. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 14: 603-610.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2015.603.610


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