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Transition from Smoking Drugs to Injectable Drugs: Causes and Consequences

Mian Muhammad Ahmad Iqbal, Mian Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf, Zaid Mehmood and Usman Ali
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Main focus of this study was to investigate the causes, which pushed the smoking drug users towards the injectable drugs and its consequences on their health. In order to get the fruitful results, 30 in-depth interviews were conducted from the selected area of Faisalabad city. The findings of the study revealed that, peer pressure, first time inject to check the intensity of the new drug, no check and balance on injectable drugs and users, easy to inject, long duration of addiction, less availability of smoking drugs, fluctuation in prices and impurity in smoking drugs were the factors which pushed the young smoking drug users towards the injectable drug use. Weight loss, thinness of blood, sore wound, reddishness and abacuses in the injecting place, hepatitis “C” and blood cancer, were reported as physical consequences of injectable drugs.

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Mian Muhammad Ahmad Iqbal, Mian Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal, Muhammad Furqan Ashraf, Zaid Mehmood and Usman Ali, 2015. Transition from Smoking Drugs to Injectable Drugs: Causes and Consequences. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 14: 535-539.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2015.535.539


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