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Pilot Study on the Prevalence of Food Insecurity among Sub-Urban University Students During Holy Ramadan

Khairil Anuar, Norazlanshah Hazali, Farah Syafeera Ibrahim, Nazrul Hadi Ismail and Muhammad Ghazali Masuri
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A cross-sectional study was conducted to assess the prevalence of food-insecurity among university residential students during the month of Ramadan. Results revealed that seventy per cent of students surveyed were food-insecure, while 30% were at risk of food insecurity. Food insecurity is a significant problem among residents at Kolej Jasmine. The establishment of on-campus food banks is necessary to help student decrease the burden. Future studies should assess the prevalence of food insecurity in other UiTM residential college nationwide.

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Khairil Anuar, Norazlanshah Hazali, Farah Syafeera Ibrahim, Nazrul Hadi Ismail and Muhammad Ghazali Masuri, 2015. Pilot Study on the Prevalence of Food Insecurity among Sub-Urban University Students During Holy Ramadan. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 14: 457-460.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2015.457.460


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