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Effect of Energy, Lipid and Protein Content in Broodstock Diets on Spawning Fecundity and Eggs Quality of Giant Gourami (Ospheronemus gouramy Lac)

Masrizal , Zaituni Udin, Mardiati Zein and Usman Bulanin
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The purpose of this research was to know the effect of energy, lipid and protein in broodstock diets on spawning fecundity and eggs quality of giant gourami (Ospheronemus gouramy Lac). The study was consisted of three experiments, namely energy content experiment, lipid content experiment and protein content experiment. Latin Square Design with 4 treatments, 4 rows and 4 columns was used to analyze the data. The results of this research showed that: (1) content of energy in broodstock diets had highly significant effect (p<0.01) on spawning fecundity, eggs diameter, eggs fertility rate and eggs hatching rate, (2) content of lipid in broodstock diets had highly significant effect (p<0.01) on spawning fecundity, eggs fertility rate and eggs hatching rate, but it had not any effect (p>0.05) on eggs diameter, (3) content of protein in broodstock diets had highly significant effect (p<0.01) on spawning fecundity, eggs diameter and eggs hatching rate and it had significant effect (p<0.05) on eggs fertility rate. The best of energy, lipid and protein content in broodstock diet of giant gourami that was 3,300 kcal energy/kg diet, 5.0% lipid and 35% protein.

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Masrizal , Zaituni Udin, Mardiati Zein and Usman Bulanin, 2015. Effect of Energy, Lipid and Protein Content in Broodstock Diets on Spawning Fecundity and Eggs Quality of Giant Gourami (Ospheronemus gouramy Lac). Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 14: 412-416.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2015.412.416


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