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Study of Phenotypic and Morphometric Characteristics of Achai Cattle at Livestock Research and Development Station Dir (Lower), Pakistan

Sartaj Khan, Khurshaid Anwar, Kisrao Kaleem, Asad Saeed, Habibun Nabi, Azmat Hayat, Zahoor Ahmad, Fazal Hayan and Safirullah
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A study was conducted at Livestock Research and Development Station, Animal Analytical Laboratory Dir Lower Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan to document the phenotypic and Morphometric characteristic of Achai cattle. Total 18 pure Achai Cattle were selected in the study. Phenotypic characteristic were recorded visually. Majority (88.50%) of the study Achai color have reddish brown coat color with white face but those animals were also included in the study that have radish brown color with or without white spotted face, gray muzzle, radish and white eye lashes. Physical characteristic (color of coat, muzzle, face, eye lash, horns, hump, udder hooves and tail switch) were recorded visually while morpho-metric measurements (heart girth, body length, height at withers, horn length, ear length, neck length, hoof circumference and tail length) were recorded by using measuring tape and vernier caliper. Mean body, face, ear, horn, rump and tail length was 112±4.78, 42±0.502, 19±0.469, 17±0.874, 33±0.481 and 75±1.332 centimeter, respectively. Mean width of head and shoulder was 12±2.937 and 89±0.2711, respectively. Mean circumference of neck and abdominal was 68±1.03 and 168±2.159. Mean chest girth was 142±0.978 and rump height was observed 103±4.16 accordingly. The average body weight of adult Achai cow recorded was 203.81±6.17 kg. The average birth and weaning weight was recorded 13.90±0.80 and 48.0±5.00 kg, respectively. It was concluded that Achai is a small size breed of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan having short stature, radish brown color and fully adapted to the hilly areas of the province.

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Sartaj Khan, Khurshaid Anwar, Kisrao Kaleem, Asad Saeed, Habibun Nabi, Azmat Hayat, Zahoor Ahmad, Fazal Hayan and Safirullah , 2015. Study of Phenotypic and Morphometric Characteristics of Achai Cattle at Livestock Research and Development Station Dir (Lower), Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 14: 201-203.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2015.201.203


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