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Estimation of Iron, Copper and Zinc in Some Vegetables Commonly Consumed in Amassoma, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Amos- Tautua, Bamidele Martin W and Onigbinde Adebayo O.
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Iron, copper and zinc contents in edible parts of some fresh vegetables sold in markets in Amassoma, Niger Delta region of Nigeria were determined using atomic absorption spectrometry. For the study, vegetables were divided into three groups according to edible parts: leaves (bitter leaf and fluted pumpkin), fruits (garden egg, okra and plantain) and roots (sweet potato). Levels of Fe, Cu and Zn were found to be higher in the green leafy vegetables than other vegetables analyzed. The concentration of Fe was observed to be the highest in all the vegetables. The highest content of Fe was found in the leaves of fluted pumpkin, Telfaria occidentalis (2.787±0.18 ppm), while the smallest content was shown in plantain, Musa paradisiaca (0.360±0.23 ppm). The mean concentration of Zn ranged from of 0.283±0.57 ppm in Musa paradisiaca to 1.058±0.12 ppm in bitter leaf, Vernonia amygdalina. The Cu value was observed to be the lowest in all the vegetables. The highest Cu value was obtained in Vernonia amygdalina (0.173±0.16 ppm) and the lowest in garden egg, Solanium melongena (0.014±0.57 ppm). The respective concentrations of the trace metals in all the vegetable samples analyzed in this study were found to be lower than the FAO/WHO guidelines but fall within safety limits for human health and hygiene.

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Amos- Tautua, Bamidele Martin W and Onigbinde Adebayo O., 2014. Estimation of Iron, Copper and Zinc in Some Vegetables Commonly Consumed in Amassoma, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 13: 742-745.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2014.742.745


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