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Effects of Physical Characteristics of Polyethylene Packaging Materials on Storage Stability of Preservative Free Plantain Chips

A.I. Peter- Ikechukwu, N.C. Ihediohanma, E.N. Bede, J.C. Ibeabuchi and U.O. Abaleke
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The effects of the physical characteristics of polyethylene packaging materials on the storage stability (keeping quality) of preservative-free plantain chips at ambient temperature (30-37°C) were studied. Physical characteristics and proximate composition of the raw unripe horn plantain were determined to assess the suitability of the plantain in chips making and yield. The plantains were sliced to 2 mm thickness, blanched with hot water at 60°C, drained and salted to taste. The slices were fried to chips with an unbranded vegetable oil (commonly used by local producers) at 160-170°C for 3-5 min, drained, cooled and packaged in five different polyethylene bags labeled "A to E", sealed, respectively and kept on the shelve. Proximate analysis, microbial and sensory evaluations were carried out on the chips at intervals of two weeks for five weeks. Results showed that polyethylene bag “C" (6.0 μm thick, hazy and of high density) retained the sensory attributes, nutrient composition and had lower total viable, mould and yeast counts, followed by polyethylene "A" (4 μm thick, very transparent and of low density) while "E" (1.1 μm, very transparent and low density) was the least in all the parameters analyzed.

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A.I. Peter- Ikechukwu, N.C. Ihediohanma, E.N. Bede, J.C. Ibeabuchi and U.O. Abaleke, 2014. Effects of Physical Characteristics of Polyethylene Packaging Materials on Storage Stability of Preservative Free Plantain Chips. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 13: 716-721.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2014.716.721


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