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Effect of Different Levels of Biofeed (EM4) on the Performance of Broiler Chicks

A. Ali, A.R. Abid, Z.I. Chauhan, G. Ahmad, S. Muhammad and J. Muhammad

A study was conducted to investigate the beneficiary effect of Biofeed microbial culture (EM4) in poultry for improving the production potential and nutrients digestibility in broilers. One hundred and twenty day old broiler chicks were randomly divided into 12 replicates of 10 birds each for the allotment to a control A and 3 treatment groups B, C and D. All four groups A, B, C and D were fed with starter up to four weeks and finisher ration from 5th to 7th weeks of age supplemented with 0, 1, 2, 3% EM4, respectively. The supplementation of biofeed (EM4) in broiler ration (0-7 weeks) revealed non-significant (p<0.05) difference among the treatment groups in terms of growth rate, feed consumption and feed conversion efficiency. A non significant difference was observed in experimental birds fed with ration supplemented with Biofeed (EM4) in terms of bone meat ratio while a significant (p<0.05) difference was found in gut weight with highest weight in group A (3.75 g) followed by in C (2.98 g), D (2.90 g) and B (2.84 g). Difference in dry matter was found non-significant in all groups supplemented with different level of Biofeed (EM4).

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A. Ali, A.R. Abid, Z.I. Chauhan, G. Ahmad, S. Muhammad and J. Muhammad, 2014. Effect of Different Levels of Biofeed (EM4) on the Performance of Broiler Chicks. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 13: 219-222.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2014.219.222


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