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Effect of Garlic, Black Seed and Turmeric on the Growth of Broiler Chicken

Saima Ali, Muhammad Mukhtar, Sohail Manzoor, Zahid Hssain, Asghar Ali, Ruby Tabassum, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Yasin Amer and Nadeem Bhatti

Group A (control) chicks were placed on commercial feed, group B, C and D were offered feed supplemented with garlic, kalongi and turmeric @0.5 g/ Kg of feed, respectively. Overall weight gain during six weeks was highest (1476.60 g) in chicks of group C followed by those of group D (1340 g), B (1338.97 g) and A (1333.60 g), respectively. Overall feed consumption was apparently highest in chicks of group B (3110 g) followed by group C (3065 g), D (3053 g) and A (2708.33 g), respectively. Overall FCR during six weeks period was apparently best in group C (2.0) followed by group A (2.0), D (2.2) and B (2.3), respectively. Maximum value for antibody titer against ND was recorded in group C (1032), followed by group B (873.33), D (783.33) and group A (558.33), respectively. The maximum antibody titer against IBD was recorded in group C which was 1030 followed by group B (873.33), D (770) and group A (470), respectively. ANOVA on data of both diseases showed significant differences between groups with respect to antibody titre at 6 weeks. Maximum value for serum cholesterol was recorded in group A (134 mg/dL). Followed by group D (115.70 mg/dL), C (105 mg/dL) and group B (94.67 mg/dL), respectively. ANOVA on data showed significant differences between groups with respect to serum cholesterol at 6 weeks. Statistical analysis of data on various treatments revealed non-significant effect on weight gain but significant effect on feed consumption and FCR. Statistical analysis also revealed non-significant effect of treatments on the average value of dressing percentage, liver, heart, gizzard, spleen and pancreas weight but significant effect on intestinal weight, abdominal fat pad weight, antibody titre against ND and IBD and serum cholesterol level. Maximum profit was found in treatment C (Rs.30.57) followed by treatment D, B and A i.e., 23.02, 22.11 and 28.16 rupees, respectively.

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Saima Ali, Muhammad Mukhtar, Sohail Manzoor, Zahid Hssain, Asghar Ali, Ruby Tabassum, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Yasin Amer and Nadeem Bhatti, 2014. Effect of Garlic, Black Seed and Turmeric on the Growth of Broiler Chicken. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 13: 204-210.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2014.204.210


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