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Helminth Parasites in the Intestinal Tract of Indigenous Chickens in Jordanian Villages

Hamad H. Al-Jamaien
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A study was carried out on sixty female adult indigenous chickens from local markets in four different villages (Omabhara, Iraqalamir, Albusah and Wadisheta) zones around Amman, Jordan to determine occurrence and distribution of helminth parasites in the intestinal tract of the birds. Their ages ranged between 4-6 months. All specimens of chickens were examined for helminth parasites. It was found that nematodes and cestode were recovered. Nematodes were the most commonly seen parasites. Only five chickens of 60 hens were free from parasites which are infected of rate 91.6% prevalence. The main helminths found in the intestines were Nematodes and Cestode. Nematodes were higher than Cestode by about 20 percent in duodenum, ileum and colon respectively. In conclusion, Parasitism could be big constraint to production in the study area and we recommend a sustainable control strategy. This study found high prevalence of end parasites among village chickens within the survey period and ecological zone. Based on the known of pathological effects of these parasites, the results of this study highlight both the eminent and potential constraints of these parasites to the overall village chicken production. We therefore recommend the institution of a programmed control measure for improved harnessing of the potentials of village chicken production in the region.

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Hamad H. Al-Jamaien , 2013. Helminth Parasites in the Intestinal Tract of Indigenous Chickens in Jordanian Villages. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 12: 209-212.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2013.209.212


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