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Some Quality Characteristics of Malaysian Commercial Fish Sausage

N. Huda, T.L.J. Alistair, H.W. Lim and R. Nopianti
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Five brands of Malaysian commercial fish sausages were analyzed for proximate and physicochemical properties. The proximate contents showed significant differences (p<0.05) among the samples. The protein and fat contents ranged from 8.18-10.77% and 0.93-6.53%, respectively. There were significance differences (p<0.05) among the fish sausages in the lightness value. A folding test showed no significant differences among the fish sausages, with all samples receiving the highest score. Hardness, elasticity, cohesiveness, gumminess, chewiness and shear force were significantly different (p<0.05) among the samples. This study showed that physicochemical properties among the sample were relatively different, but most of the samples fulfilled the requirements of a good-quality sausage.

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N. Huda, T.L.J. Alistair, H.W. Lim and R. Nopianti, 2012. Some Quality Characteristics of Malaysian Commercial Fish Sausage. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 11: 798-803.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2012.798.803



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