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The Injection Effect of Local Oily Cadmium Ligand Compound on the Blood Performances of Layer Chickens

A.M. Areej, Sanaa A. Al-Hammed and A.M. Rawaa
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An oily injectable administration of [Di nitrate- bis {p-methyl anilino phenyl aceto nitrite} cadmium (II)] -2H2O and its molecular formula [Cd (HL)1(NO3)2] - 2H2O and tested against E. coli (sensitivity test) in vitro showed inhibitory zone of 12 mm. The CLC was injected subcutaneously in the layer chickens neck (Lohman brown) at different levels, T1 0.0%, T2 0.25%, T3 0.50% and T4 1.0%. After five days E. coli was orally administrated by drinking water at concentration of 8500 x 106 cells/ml (highly pathogenic) as causative agent of Salpengitis and Ovaritis. The results after four months were revealed that the treated chickens showed a resistance against E. coli infection; moreover, all the blood parameters are within the normal ranges. The protective effects of CLC in respect to blood biochemical's activities which are then confirmed by measuring the residual concentration of Cd in liver and egg of treated chickens by using the graphite furnace atomic absorption. The results showed that, the liver and eggs are free from any residues. The hematological results of this study are associated with the normal control (T1), while there are significant increases in blood parameters of (T4) in Hb, PCV, RBCs, WBCs, Glucose, Total protein, Total albumin, Total globulins and High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), but there was significant decrease in Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL).The obtained results refer to the safety use of CLC as a synthetic chemical prophylactic agent against E. coli during the production period of layers, in addition to its inexpensive cost.

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A.M. Areej, Sanaa A. Al-Hammed and A.M. Rawaa, 2012. The Injection Effect of Local Oily Cadmium Ligand Compound on the Blood Performances of Layer Chickens. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 11: 635-638.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2012.635.638


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