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Changes in the Nutrient Composition of Okpehe During Fermentation

M.A. Balogun and G.P. Oyeyiola
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Okpehe is a condiment derived from the fermentation of Prosopis africana seeds. This study was based on the changes in total sugar, amino acids and minerals during okpehe production. The condiment was processed using three methods namely traditional, autoclave and oven and labeled samples A, B and C respectively. The mean values of the total sugar present in the samples ranged between 0.10 mg/g and 0.05 mg/g for sample A; 0.08 mg/g for sample B and 0.10 mg/g and 0.06 mg/g for sample C at the end of fermentation. The total amino acids increased steadily throughout the period of fermentation for the three samples. The amino acid analysis revealed that the samples contained useful amounts of essential amino acids. Calcium, iron and copper increased in small amounts while there was a reduction in the quantities of potassium and manganese as fermentation progressed. The amount of zinc was constant throughout the period of fermentation while lead and cadmium were not detected in all the samples.

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M.A. Balogun and G.P. Oyeyiola, 2012. Changes in the Nutrient Composition of Okpehe During Fermentation. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 11: 270-275.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2012.270.275


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