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Effect of Aromatic Plant Essential Oils on Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil During Heating and Storage

Sati Y.A. Al-Dalain, Ahmad H. Al-Fraihat and Etab T. AL Kassasbeh
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Oxidative degradation of lipids is a major factor limiting the shelf life of foods. The free radical reaction of lipid peroxidation is generally responsible for the deterioration of lipid-containing foods. Use of antioxidants during the manufacturing process can minimize the extent of lipid peroxidation. Spices and some herbs have received increased attention as sources of many effective antioxidants. The effect of essential oils extracted from fennel, rosemary and ginger on the oxidative stability of sunflower oil during storage at ambient temperature with light exposure was studied. The effect of heating time on the stability of oil was studied as well. The obtained results showed that the studied essential oil inhibited the formation of primary and secondary oxidation products during heating and storage of sunflower oil. It could be concluded that, essential oils of selected aromatic plants are promising as natural antioxidants.

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Sati Y.A. Al-Dalain, Ahmad H. Al-Fraihat and Etab T. AL Kassasbeh, 2011. Effect of Aromatic Plant Essential Oils on Oxidative Stability of Sunflower Oil During Heating and Storage. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 10: 864-870.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2011.864.870


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