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Proximate and Mineral Composition of the Leaves of Hairy Indigo (Indigofera astragalina)

M.K. Gafar, A.U. Itodo, F.A. Atiku, A.M. Hassan and I.J. Peni
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Folliage of Hairy indigo (Indigofera astragalina) obtained from Sokoto state, Nigeria were studied for their proximate analysis and mineral composition. The proximate composition revealed the presence of moisture (51.00±0.50% fresh weight), ash (8.17±0.58% dry weight, DW), crude lipid (5.0±0.5% DW), crude fibre (2.67±0.29% DW), crude protein (8.23±0.11% DW) and carbohydrate (75.94±0.64%). The energy value was found to be 578.87 kcal/100 g. The minerals composition revealed, potassium (14.55±0.17 mg/100 g), sodium (0.33±0.16 mg/100 g), calcium (11.49±0.34 mg/100 g), magnesium (10.89±0.32 mg/100 g), phosphorus (0.39±0.01 mg/100 g), copper (0.02±0.00 mg/100 g), zinc (0.11±0.00 mg/100 g), iron (20.95±3.84 mg/100 g) and manganese (0.43±0.01 mg/100 g). These results revealed that the leaves of Hairy indigo (Indigofera astragalina) contained essential nutrients which compete favourably well with those of wild edible leaves in literatures.

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M.K. Gafar, A.U. Itodo, F.A. Atiku, A.M. Hassan and I.J. Peni, 2011. Proximate and Mineral Composition of the Leaves of Hairy Indigo (Indigofera astragalina). Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 10: 168-175.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2011.168.175



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