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Evaluation of the Tubers and Oil of Cyperus rotundus Linn (CYPERACEAE)

B.N. Emelugo, S.C. Umerie, I.F. Okonkwo and J.N. Achufusi
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The proximate analysis of Cyperus rotundus tubers were evaluated and the composition was found to be: 9.0±0.80, 1.75±0.55, 9.50±0.86, 7.87±0.92, 17.48±1.04 and 63.60±1.52% for moisture, crude protein, oil, ash, crude fibre and carbohydrate respectively. The quality of the oil extracted by Soxhlet was assessed in terms of acid value, free fatty acid content, iodine value, saponification value and specific gravity. Results showed that the oil has a low iodine number thus placing it as a non-drying oil, stable and reduced degree of unsaturation. The saponification value and the heat of combustion, implicated the oil as non-edible but can be used for making alkyd resin, shampoo and soaps. The phytochemical constituents; terpenoids, tannins and flavonoids are also implicated in the allelopathic properties of the tubers.

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B.N. Emelugo, S.C. Umerie, I.F. Okonkwo and J.N. Achufusi, 2011. Evaluation of the Tubers and Oil of Cyperus rotundus Linn (CYPERACEAE). Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 10: 147-150.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2011.147.150


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