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Physio-chemical Qualities of Wheat Varieties as Influenced by Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilization

Beena Saeed, Amir Zaman Khan and Hasina Gul
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Nitrogen and sulfur supplies have a strong influence on the physio-chemical characteristics of crop as well as on the quality and quantity of wheat storage proteins, which play an important role in bread-making process. In order to evaluate the contribution of soil and foliar fertilization of nitrogen and sulfur on quality assessment of wheat, a field trail was carried out having RCB design with four replications and eight different treatments of N and S combinations allotted to plots at different growth stages. Results indicated that highest gluten content (28.35%) was recorded when the wheat crop was fertilized with treatment number-6. Likewise minimum ash contents (1.83%) and minimum electrical conductivity was observed with fertilization of treatment number-8, while control practice result low gluten contents, low standard germination %age and minimum accelerated aging germination test value. In all the recorded observations concerning the experiment wheat cultivar Pirsabaq-2005 showed appreciable response as compared with other variety. So it is possible to obtain maximum quality assessment traits of wheat grain and flour through soil and foliar application of N and S.

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Beena Saeed, Amir Zaman Khan and Hasina Gul, 2011. Physio-chemical Qualities of Wheat Varieties as Influenced by Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilization. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 10: 1076-1082.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2011.1076.1082


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